Coriander Chicken

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Coriander Chicken- A simple non veg appetizer prepared under 20 minutes.2

1/2 kg boneless chicken. Marinate with 1 tbsp G&G paste and 1/2 tsp salt 3

Mix it well and keep it aside 4

One handful of coriander leaves, 7 green chilies, 1 tsp juice lime juice 5

2 tbsp coriander powder, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder and 1/2 tsp cumin powder 6

1/2 inch cinnamon stick, 2 cardamoms and one star anise 7

Add 4 tbsp oil in the pan 8

Add the whole masalas 9

Add the chicken 10

Sauté that well 11

Grind the coriander and green chilies… 12

Into a fine paste 13

Once the chicken is half cooked 14

Add all the powders 15


Sauté that for 5 minutes 17

Add the grinded paste 18

Add 1 tsp salt 19

Sauté that well 20

Cook the chicken for another 5 minutes 21

Cook until all the masalas are coated well to the chicken 22

Finally add 1 tsp lime juice, mix and switch off the flame. Coriander chicken is ready. Serve hot! 23Enjoy!

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