Idli | How to make soft Idlis | Vegetarian Recipe | Kitchen Tips-6

Idli | How to make soft Idlis | Vegetarian Recipe | Kitchen Tips

Idli is a very nutritional food which is very popular in southern part of India. This is the traditional breakfast in South Indian households.  Idli is the most comfort food.  I have given the measurements I use to make Idlis. But, this also depends on the quality of Urad Dal you get from the stores. So when you open a new packet of Urad Dal, and this measurement did not work out well, and if you get the idlis very flat, then it means, the urad Dal is a very good quality and the next time when you make idlis, you can reduce 1/2 cup Urad Dal or you can add another cup of idli rice. So like this you have to test and adjust the urad dal and rice ratio depend on the quality. 

Whole Urad Dal 1 1/2 Cup`
Idli Rice 4 Cups

Soak the Idli Rice and the Urad Dal separately as shown in the picture above for atleast 4 hours. Wash and rinse the Urad dal and the rice thoroughly before soaking.

I always use Wet Grinder for grinding.  Clean the inside of the wet grinder thoroughly everytime before you make the idli batter

Switch on the wet grinder, drain the water from the Urad Dal and slowly add the Urad Dal. Sprinkle the drained water little by little for grinding.  Scrape the sides of the wet grinder often. The batter should not be very thick. It should be fluffy and feels like buttery texture. When you feel the fluffy batter, carefully scoop the batter out from the grinder and pour it in a vessel.

Before adding the rice, I usually add some 1/2 cup of water, so that the grinder will not stuck when adding the rice. Drain the water before adding the soaked rice. Slowly add the rice. Add required amount of salt to the rice. I usually add, 5 tsp of salt. There are lot of confusions going around for when to add the salt- during or after grinding or after fermentation. But, I add the salt when grinding the rice. This is how I have been doing for 20 years. Grind the rice until the batter becomes very smooth. Add water in intervals when needed. Once the batter is ready,pour it with the ground Urad Dal batter.

Now with the help of your hands (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) mix the batter well.  Do not use utensils to mix the batter. The good bacteria’s in your hand will help in the fermentation of the batter. So always use your hands to mix the batter together.  Mix well and cover it and let it sit for atleast 12 to 15 hours. In cold places, you can place the idli batter vessel in an oven, with the lights on. During winter season, this helps in the fermentation of the idli batter. After 15 hours, when your batter has nicely risen up, mix it gently, Do not mix vigorously, we need the air in the batter for the soft and fluffy idlis.

Heat up water in the idli pot. You can either place wet cloth on the idli plate or simply you can grease the idli plate with some oil and pour the batter on the idli plate. Place the lid on the idli pot and I always cook in a medium flame for 10 minutes. 

Once the idlis are done, carefully remove it from the pot, sprinkle some water if you make the idlis with the cloth on it. And carefully remove the idlis from the cloth. If you have greased the idli plate with oil, once you removed the idli plate from the pot, let it sit for 2 minutes before scooping out the idlis. With the help of a flat spoon carefully scoop the idlis out from the plate. Dip the spoon in water each time before scooping out the idli. Nice, fluffy, and healthy idlis are readyEnjoy!

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