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Hi everyone!
Welcome to my cooking website! My name is Bharathi Narendran and I was born and brought up in Nagercoil, a small town in the very famous Kanyakumari district in Tamilnadu.  Because we are located on the border of Kerala, most of our recipes have a touch of Kerala cooking. Nagercoil has many unique recipes, a lot of which are on my website in step-by-step recipes. Many recipes have coconut in them because of the tropical climate in Nagercoil and the great taste they bring to the table.
I went to college in Nagercoil as well, not leaving my hometown until I married the love of my life, Narendran Ramalingom. As a young couple, we moved to Chennai to spend the early years of our marriage. At the time, I didn’t even know how to make a cup of tea, and would call my mom and mother-in-law everyday to get directions on how to cook! The days I spent struggling in the kitchen served as the inspiration for this website, where anyone and everyone can follow along with my recipes to be a maestro in the kitchen!
After spending  five years in Chennai, we relocated to the USA because of Narendran’s job. I am blessed with two boys, Ram and Prajith, who are in college and high school, respectively. In addition to cooking, I work full-time at a private bank as a Quality Assurance Coordinator. Without the encouragement and feedback from my family, I would not have been able to make this website.
I hope my recipes from around the world will interest everyone who visits this website. Please feel free to give me any feedback through the comment box. If you want quick updates about my life and cooking ,like my page on Facebook (itsfuntocook- Bharathi Naren) and follow me on Instagram @itsfuntocook. Hopefully you too will realize that It’s Fun to Cook!

Bharathi Narendran

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      Hello! Thank you for the feedback. You can like my page on Facebook (itsfuntocook- Bharathi Naren) and follow me on Instagram @itsfuntocook. But you can bookmark my website. Thanks again!


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